Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rae Lakes Loop Part 5: Charlotte Creek to Roads End

Charlotte Creek to Roads End: 7.5 miles - 2,225 feet elevation loss

Trudged back up on the trail then crossing Charlotte Creek, the last leg of the trip begins.

We gradually climb down to Sphinx Creek Junction. The trail follows the the flow of Bubbs Creek on the left of us. 4 miles later, we arrive at the junction. There's a sign pointing to the direction of getting to Avalanche Pass and Roaring River, where you can find a bridge to cross Bubbs Creek and continue on that trail.

This is also another camp site here that offers a more tucked away area from the trail than Charlotte Creek's. The trail to camp is on the right (when you're coming out). The camp also has a bear/food locker to share among the other campers.

Lookin' like a Sphinx up top, no?

I love this part of the trail, pass the Sphinx Creek Junction. The ground is softly padded by the leaves that have fallen on the ground, on one side the mountain slopes down and the trees branches spread out like a canopy as you walk under.

Not long after, the trail changes into a more rocky ground with views of the valley  in front of us. Then the switchback down begins. It's switchback after switchback to get back down to the trail head.

Somewhere out there our ride home awaits!

Then we start to see the first of the several small bridges we will be crossing. Most of them atop dry creek beds. But from previous weekend trips in this area, the sign of the bridges means we're getting close to our final destination. We crossed the last wooden bridge that gets us across Bubbs Creek.

From here there's but one more bridge to cross, a steel bridge named Bailey Bridge, then we're back at the trail that we took on our first day of this trip. And back to the sandy part of the trail.

Bailey Bridge.

Hiking on sand with feet constantly sinking, and under the heat of the midday sun is not easy! Especially when your mind knows the end is near and a good shower, hot meal and a bed that night awaits.

We made back to the trail head and bee lined to the closest shower facilities, on Cedar Grove.


  1. Stunning views and all those green trees... nnniiiccceee :-D

    1. It was a beautiful place! Making me wish I was there right now ;)

  2. This hike looks great! Would like to try it some day. I have never done any hikes in Kings Canyon.

  3. This would be a perfect first, then! Love this park! Hope this helps you plan it :)