Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Horseshoe Bend - Page, AZ


  • 1.5 miles (round trip)
  • Out and back
  • Exposed and Sandy Trail
  • Closest city: Page, AZ
  • Coordinates: 36.8794° N, 111.5139° W
  • Weather link: Horseshoe Bend Forecast

You've seen the photos.. on the web, a random postcard, a book.. or just somewhere but can't remember where.. but you've seen it. Admired it. Longed to visit the place and see it with your own eyes. But where is it?

The Horseshoe Bend is located close to the city of Page, AZ. It is about a couple of miles south of the city along Highway 89. On this trip, we were coming from the town of Kanab in Southwest Utah. It was approximately a 75 mile drive on Highway 89S, an hour's worth of travel. A sign will come up on the right, in case the massive amount of cars parked on the shoulder don't give it away.

Enter the road past the sign to get to the ample spaced parking lot meant for the Horseshoe Bend overlook visitors. If you're visiting on a Holiday weekend, prepare for a crowd.

This hike is short and easy with a huge pay off, hence its popularity. You'll see every type of people visiting, from well prepared hikers to flip flop and wedge shoes wearing folks. Don't be discouraged by the crowd, to stand at the edge of the cliff and see the view is well worth the short moment of sacrifice of a solitude hike.

The trail starts at the end of the parking lot by a sign warning hikers to be careful and a reminder that there are no rails at the edge of the cliff! Begin with a gradual walk up a small hill.

The trail offers no shade. So best be prepared with your sunscreen and hat. And if the weather is a bit wonky, drag along that poncho or rain jacket. It may be just a short hike, but who knows how long you will want to stay out there... by the edge... just mindlessly staring at nature's beautiful handiwork.

We visited on a day with scattered rain showers on the forecast, a burst of rain poured hard but short and still completely drenched a few visitors who didn't make a run from the rain.

At the top of the hill, there are a few benches scattered around and a small gazebo on the right, should you need a quick shelter from the sun or a pelting short burst of desert rain. From here, the trail starts to descend offering you views of the visitors milling around by the cliffs edge, selfie-sticks and all.

The best spot for the view? Anywhere. Find an open space and set yourself for a photo op then move to a different spot and repeat. Every spot you choose will yield to a good photo! The Colorado River that flows and carved this 270 degree horseshoe shape made that beautiful and amazing scene to photograph possible. Now for having a solo photo without any unsuspecting photobombers? Well.. just time your shots accordingly and be polite to other visitors!

Karina and Oshie watching the Colorado River


  1. Hi! Great blog! My husband and I are heading to Horseshoe Bend in June. Any suggestions on where to set up a tent? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jenna - thanks! We stayed in Kanab and used it as a 'base camp' when we scored the last room for the night. Continuous rain and thunderstorms changed our set-plans last minute, including camping. We intended to camp at White House in Paria Canyon, about 30 miles West of Page on Hwy 89 - check it out thru the BLM site. Hope it helps!