Thursday, August 21, 2014

Taking care of swollen feet.

So there was this epic hike. Miles and miles were covered. Walked endlessly for days and days. Everyday. All. Day. Long.

And now I'm in the comfort of my home, engorged with food, bathed & just want to savor the comfort of a ready to sit/lie on cushion (no more blowing of an air mattress before I can sink in it!). And then I look down.. Gah! My legs remind me of Lilo and her sister Nani.. or maybe Stitch? It wasn't in any pain nor did I have trouble walking. They were just.. swollen.

Swollen feet and legs after a long hike was a first for me! But then so was walking everyday, all day for 8 days straight and never had a zero day incurred. So what do I do?! I need to fit in the shoes I'll be wearing the following day I get back to work!

Hello, Epsom Salt, soother of every muscle and pill-popping-less pain reliever!

Feet soak wilderness style in Kern Hot Springs.
Before flicking the TV and catch up on the next season of The Killing, that Kari has been dying to start but can't, since I was in the wilderness for a little more than a week, she grabbed a basin full of warm water and dissolved a cup full of Epsom Salt to soak both my feet in. Though she said it was warm water, I say it was hot! But I gritted my teeth and plunged to soak my feet - will not argue with anyone holding a basin full of hot water. LOL. After a few tentative dip of my toes, my feet eventually got submerged in the basin and after a couple of minutes, cheerful little feet were adjusted to the temperature and soaking comfortably for one full episode of the series.

After drying them completely, both of my feet almost never felt floor, they've been propped up and elevated to be higher than my heart, all night even when we went to sleep, it was propped up. By morning, there was not a trace of any swollen legs nor feet! They had gone back to their usual weird looking selves.

It was a good thing, as I was not ready to go for another endless walking around, this time in a shoe store and purchase a few larger sized pairs of shoes!

Ingredients to take take care of swollen feet after a long hike:

  • A basin full of warm water (not lukewarm, but not boiling hot either!)
  • a cup of Epsom Salt
  • Towel to dry your feet
  • Pillows - in every size, so you can stack 'em up!
  • A cold beer (optional) - to imbibe as you wait for your feet to soak.. or a fave book.. or watch TV. Anything to keep you from staring blankly at your submerged feet.

Note: I am no doctor. Just sharing experience! Please consult your doctor if you suspect more than just tired feet with your swelling.


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    1. dooooo it!! Soak while you finish your knitting projects :)